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A non profit organization focused on helping improve the education of the impoverished children of Uganda by providing school fees for orphaned children and improving their learning environment.


Education is the key to end so many struggles facing the Ugandan orphans in our program! In fact, education can be the difference between life and death! There are numerous studies that indicate increasing the length of time a child remains in school leads to a reduction in HIV occurrences. Females are especially vulnerable because a family is more likely to educate the boys. When girls attend school, the likelihood that they get married or pregnant at young ages declines. However, in sub-Saharan Africa, 80% of young women have not completed secondary education and a third cannot read. (UNICEF (2012) ‘Progress for children: A report card on adolescents’)

A lack of education ultimately leads to decreased ability to earn a living wage, early marriage, larger families and life choices that can increase the chance of domestic abuse, contraction of HIV and early death.

When you donate to Educate Uganda, you are supporting a child’s chance at a better life. Educate Uganda is a non profit organization focused on helping improve the educational opportunities for the impoverished children of Uganda. Your donation provides school fees for orphaned children and allows us to make improvements to their learning environments.



Educate Uganda focuses on children who have lost one or both of their parents. For the 2.7 million children who have been orphaned in Uganda, the ability to attend school is often difficult due to the compulsory school fees which must be paid. School fees are about $50 PER YEAR. However, in a country where the average wage earned is approximately $50 per month, the school fees are simply not affordable for most orphans. In fact, the extended families that orphan children rely on for care see school fees as a major factor in deciding whether to take in an additional child. By providing the annual school fees of $50, the orphans and their families will have hope for a better life.

Families in Uganda are not the only ones facing the problem of obtaining basic needs. The schools are also faced with the difficulty of providing a good learning environment for the students. In addition to assisting the orphaned students with their school fees, Educate Uganda is also working to improve the environment in which they learn and the materials the educators have available. Educate Uganda wants the schools we are working with to be a haven for the students. Learn more about the country of Uganda!

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Sam Summerlin was a student at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln when she gave up a month of her summer in 2012. She along with two other college students obtained video footage in order to portray the importance of sponsoring children’s education. This video contrasts two Ugandan schools, one that is in the Educate Uganda program and one that is not.

by Kelsey O’Connell

by Kelsey O’Connell

First presented at the Educate Uganda 2019 Fundraiser