Educate Uganda

Karen Van Dyke, President/Treasurer

I went to Uganda with my sister Kim, at the urging of my husband. I didn’t know that I would develop such a bond with the people of Nkokonjeru, Uganda. Starting Educate Uganda with others that feel the same passion for the orphaned children of Uganda has been so fulfilling. I know every time we assist an orphaned child with their school fees, we are making a profound difference. The people I have met while pursuing this dream will forever change my life for the better.
Kim Gabaldon, Vice President/ Secretary

Traveling to Uganda, with my sister Karen, touched my heart in a profound way. There's not a day that goes by that I don't remember all the faces of the innocent children we encountered for the daily struggles these people are faced with. Despite such impoverished conditions, they work hard to better their lives and the lives of the next generation. Education is the key component to making a difference.
Jean Harer, Orphan Education Chairperson

When I went to Uganda in 2002, I saw a great need for the basics of life – food, clean water, clothing, sanitation and education. I saw happy people though, very poor. I realized that whatever I could give would help. There was never a thought that I could walk away and forget! Living there for a year, with my husband Clay, helped identify how to help. The building of schools, latrines and the orphan education program helps not only the individual, but the entire community. The people of Nkokonjeru are my neighbors.
Michelle Koraleski, Board Member

The people of Nkokonjeru are truly the most warm and generous I have ever met. They define being "rich in spirit."  Although their posessions are few and there is often not enough food, they are unfailingly happy, kind, generous and truly appreciative of the help being provided to their children by Educate Uganda. It is a humbling thing to be appreciated so much for doing so little.

Being involved with Educate Uganda and visiting Nkokonjeru is a true blessing in my life.

Greg Van Dyke, Board Member

Through my involvment with Educate Uganda I have witnessed the tremendous impact we can make on the lives of these children. Knowing that a contribution of as little as $25 per year can literally save a child's life is overwhelming.


Clayton Siegl, Construction Project Manager
Joseph Ddumba, St. Mathias School Headmaster, Uganda
Rev. Fr. Charles Jjemba, Assistant Pastor and Education Chaplain of Our Lady Queen of Apostles
Rev. Fr. Michael Mukasa (Ph.D), Ggaba National Seminary
Charles Ssenkungu, Director for Educate Uganda

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